| Route Management and Member Engagement Platform for the Indoor Climbing Industry
Klimbz is the premier climbing gym route management and member engagement platform with website and connected app. Gym managers can analyze their routes, manager their setting team and receive feedback from their community. Gyms can run leagues, paperless comps and provide gym specific training for their teams and members. Members can track their climbing progress through clear data visualization, can interact with other gym members, and provide feedback to the gym setter team.
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News and Happenings

Klimbz Supports 24 hour climbathon

Klimbz supported Elevated Mountain Guides in their fundraiser 24 Hour Climbathon at Momentum Millcreek on July 19th. It was a great success for EMG. We would like to congratulate everyone who participated and Kyler for climbing over 7,000 ft!

Dude! It worked soooo well!!! I can’t even thank you enough!
Nikki McGee, Founder, Elevated Mountain Guides

Klimbz visits Hub Climbing

Klimbz paid a visit to Hub Climbing in Toronto earlier this year. We sat down with one of their setters, David Daviau and asked him about using Klimbz and a route management system at the gym.

Klimbz is very, very easy to use.
David D, Hub Climbing

Watch more videos on the Klimbz YouTube channel

Klimbz is pleased to announce a partnership with theCrag.com

Combining the premium offering for indoor climbing by Klimbz with the most comprehensive climbing platform will allow climbers, route setters and gym owners alike to make use of an unprecedented suite of functionality for their benefit.

State of the art wall and route management combined with the only scientifically based rating and ranking system (CPR) will enable climbers to track and monitor their personal progress in- and outdoors; social and messaging functions allow for engagement and feedback between all parties while the global reach of both organizations is a first in the climbing world.

Klimbz Functionality

The platform has the functionality you need to make your gym thrive

  • Each gym receives a unique and fully customizable URL
  • A Manager Dashboard with graphs to analyze the current state of the gym and the ability to assign your setters to specific task
  • A Setter Dashboard to analyze the setters routes and boulders by style and types of holds used
  • A Member Dashboard so that your gym members can track their progress
  • A Recommendation engine of routes and boulders
  • Training section for kids teams and individual athletes
  • And much more
The back end of the system helps bridge the gap between routesetters and operations.
Chris M, Momentum Indoor Climbing


Download and rate our mobile apps for iPhone & Androids.

We are continuously updating our products.


Make sure you have the most recent version of the app.

Some of the App functionality:

  • Setters can quickly create routes
  • New Routes are shown to gym members

Gyms Using Klimbz

Each gym using the platform receive a unique URL that is customizable to fit the gym’s needs.

If you want we will “White Label” the URL base on your style guide.

Just wanted to provide the feedback... the app worked extremely well... I can say thank you for putting so much time into Klimbz. The fact that everyone got seemliness scored and entered into the system without my even knowing it is testament to how well your system worked in real time.
Cliff S, GP-81
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