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Klimbz is the premier climbing gym route management and member engagement platform with website and connected app. Gym managers can analyze their routes, manager their setting team and receive feedback from their community. Gyms can run leagues, paperless comps and provide gym specific training for their teams and members. Members can track their climbing progress through clear data visualization, can interact with other gym members, and provide feedback to the gym setter team.
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A few weeks ago, I met up with Chris, Operations Manager, Momentum Indoor Climbing,  while visiting Salt Lake City.  Chris agreed to answer a few questions regarding using a route management system and Klimbz in particular.   How long have you been using Klimbz? To the best of...

Climbing gyms are uniquely situated to provide members with a constantly changing and new exercise experience. This coupled with a quantifiable way of demonstrating progress and advancement through level of difficulty of routes and boulder grades keeps climbers returning. With that in mind, routesetting and...