Welcome to Klimbz
Klimbz is a climbing gym route management and member engagement platform. Gym managers can analyze their routes, manager their setting team and receive feedback from their community. Gyms can run leagues, paperless comps and provide gym specific training for their teams and members. Members can track their climbing progress through clear data visualization, can interact with other gym members, and provide feedback to the gym setter team.
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Welcome to Klimbz

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Gym managers and Setters use Klimbz data to streamline and improve route rotation and setting communications. Define priorities and setting goals, automatically assign stripping and setting to individuals, review route feedback and whole gym data, identify member needs and interests around specifics, honor excellent route setters for their route quality and setting effectiveness.

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To climb a grade or two harder requires developing and executing a plan. Use Klimbz to set and track progress. Tick gym routes to create and analyze your performance data. Use Klimbz social networking functions to share beta, images, and provide your gym with feedback on route quality and ratings.

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Your Gym, Your Members, Your Data

  • Fully customizable to your gym’s unique processes.
  • Rapidly identify and respond to member needs and expectations.
  • Streamline and improve route setting and management procedures.
  • Create an interactive online community to meet member expectations and effectively allocate staff.
  • Drill down to plan and execute individualized climbing improvement programs.
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